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The Kickstart Author Program      

This is our entry-level, self-paced program. If you are on a budget, but you want to have everything you need to know to plan, write, edit, design, publish and promote your non-fiction book in the one place… PLUS you are highly motivated and self-directed, this is for you.

MODULE 1: Essential Preparation                       

The essential first steps before you start writing, to ensure your book gets off to a great start.

  • The Crucial First Step Most People Miss

  • Choosing What Genre Book to Write

  • Choosing Your Topic

  • Who Will Buy Your Book and Where to Find Them

  • Marketing as you go

  • Preparing your outline

  • What software to write your book in

  • Quoting, referencing and copyright

    • MODULE 2: Writing Training                

      This is where you learn how to create a writing schedule that works, as well as training on how to make your writing more engaging for the reader.

    • What should your writing schedule be?

    • Writing training – Your opening chapter

    • Writing training – What style to write in for Memoir and stories within your self-help

    • Writing training – Self-Help and Business Book

    • Writing training – Speaking to the reader in your memoir

    • Writing training – Chapter structure (Self-help and Business)

    • Writing training – Chapter structure (memoir)

    • Writing training – Keep your reader in the moment/Don’t have hindsight (Memoir)

    • Writing training – How to write dialogue

    • Writing training – Ban the boring

    • Writing training – Dictate or write?

    • Writing training – General tips

    • Each module comes with relevant videos as well as worksheets.

      All this means you will have everything you need to write your book from start to finish. It doesn’t matter if you don’t see yourself as a writer right now. Or if you have never written a book before. Or if someone said you couldn’t write a book.

        MODULE 3: Editing and Publishing       

        All the steps from self-editing, to professional editing, cover design, formatting, publishing and promotion.

      • Editing for Success

      • Cover Design

      • Book Size

      • Formatting Your Book

      • Where to Sell Your Book

      • ISBNs/Barcode

      • Your Amazon listing

      • Launching Your Book

      • Marketing and Promotion

      • Getting Reviews



  • Work with your own Author Success Manager


  • Add AU$297 to have 16 weeks of weekly check-ins from your own Author Success Manager. Your ASM will check in with you personally each week to see if you are on track and if you would like to upgrade to further assistance. Your 16 weeks starts from the date you join the program (with two weeks off at Christmas and New Year if applicable).

    This is brilliant if you don’t need writing feedback, but you’d like to be kept on-track and accountable. It could be a game-changer to actually finish your book!

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    Quality Guarantee

    "Cathryn exceeded my expectations as a mentor. She pours her heart and soul into her work and overdelivers on her promises."

    Bonnie Guidry

    "Working with Cat made my book writing process joyful, fun and certainly much quicker than it might have been. What I hadn’t expected was how much I would learn about myself, and how I would grow as a person."

    Carlie Maree

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